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关于”尊重隐私“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Respect for privacy。以下是关于尊重隐私的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Respect for privacy

As shown in the figure above, in the dark, a man is running happily, carrying the privacy of celebrities, attracting the public's attention like a bomb, rushing to the news media. Another member of the news office welcomed his arrival. In the middle of the second photo, there was a naked man standing.

Recently, there was a heated discussion on these photos in the newss. Although these photos are , they are actually The pictures tell us that invading others' privacy and exposing them in the media are not only harmful but also harmful. Our society has not paid due attention to this problem.

However, some journalists have low moral standards and tend to pay attention to other people's privacy, especially some of them Celebrities with news value, such as love, family relationship, medical history and so on, can attract more readers to buy their magazines or increase their website PV (page views), and eventually attract more customers to invest in advertising, which is ignored by the regulatory authorities and authorities, it a real gray area. Moreover, the public's elegant aesthetic taste is far away Behind my point of view, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to privacy, which is a basic right that our laws and regulations should respect, protect and protect. In any case, Princess Diana shows how bad things will end, and the public's aesthetic taste must be improved and enhanced, and finally a harmonious scene will be established, so that people can enjoy life peacefully.




Respect is a sincere smile in the face of respect. Respect is to express when others have different opinions, listen to them, respect others, and strive to clap their hands. Respect seems to be a dedication to the people around her.

Respect is a great wisdom, because she knows that there are similarities between respecting others and working hard. Jumping across excited partners is enough to cover up the degree of "respect" The difficulty is to respect the differences between others and yourself. You think smoking is harmful to health and environmental pollution, but he regards it as a kind of exchange.

He said that life should be active, fresh and strong, and you are just a blue sky and a comfortable life. Thank you for your endless differences. Respect is to keep thousands of your own life creeds and appreciate each other from an objective point of view Don't ask for the same, but face, respect each other and respect myself.




Celebrity privacy in recent years, many newss and magazines have paid attention to the disguised identity of movie stars, pop singers and other celebrity journalists, infiltrating into the theme of business and family, and even eavesdropping on them to obtain news in any way. This is not difficult to explain why journalists are very interested in the private life of celebrities. For newss or magazines, it is important to have a large number of readers Group means that their publication circulation increases, so they get huge profits from celebrities.

They are people with news value, and their stories are more concerned than ordinary people. In my opinion, the press naturally reports the private lives of celebrities. Celebrities are also citizens.

They have the right to protect their privacy like ordinary people. Their privacy should be respected Therefore, the press should stop violating their privacy.




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